Find the sacred mountain Ta Cu

Tìm đến chốn linh thiêng Núi Tà Cú

Ta Cu Mountain is no longer a strange place for anyone traveling to Phan Thiet. This place has a charming landscape with primitive forest covered with green grass. The mountain associated with the ancient monuments of Linh Son Truong Tho ancient monument lying on the middle of the mountains in the midst of the natural scene, lurking clouds, is an indispensable indigenous people and visitors Incense buds spring festival.


The hottest sand hills in Vietnam

Đồi cát nóng bỏng nhất Việt Nam

People are looking for Binh Thuan on the summer tours to be waving in the middle of the blue sea, dropping their souls on endless sand. Binh Thuan is fascinated by the brilliant sunlight, by the high coconut palms, by the vast sand desert.


Sand hill Mui Ne

Đồi cát bay Mũi Né

Come to Mui Ne, you will probably be impressed with the coast of green, white sand and sunshine but an interesting thing is that sand hills "transfiguration" in Mui Ne. Come with Mytour "transfiguration" and fly with the beauty of sand hill Mui Ne this!


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